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Product Review: Ocean Saver – Cleaning detergents

I picked up some Oceansaver Anti Bac and a reusable spray bottle from Weigh of the World a few weeks ago, and it is sooooooo amazing and easy to use! So far I have only tried the Anti-Bac, with great results – others are to follow!

By using Oceansaver refill drops, the retailers will transport less water, which means fewer trucks on the road, helping to reduce carbon emissions. Also, because you are re-using your spray bottles, Oceansaver drops were developed to fight single-use plastic and preserve our oceans and sea life – A great range of home cleaning solutions made with plant-based ingredients, totally biodegradable, lab tested and proven efficacy.

Oceansaver is committed to finding affordable solutions without compromising on quality or effectiveness. They take an innovative approach to all their products and packaging, ensuring they use the latest in recyclable and biodegradable materials.

These are really easy to use too!

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Home Made Reusable Sanitary Products

Following my Product Review on Reusable Sanitary Products in March last year, I have been producing my own Sanitary Towels. Not only have these been much more comfy to wear than those purchased, but the homemade ones have proven to weather the wear far better!

Originally, I made 2 test ones for myself (one for day and one for night), which I have used alongside those purchased, then numerous friends and businesses showed interest, so I made up more (far prettier than my “mock ups” from scrap fabrics). Now, a year later, my 2 sanitary towels still look and feel amazing, the purchased Earthwise towels look a little tatty, but are still functional, and the Eco-Femme Cotton Sanitary Night Pads have worn very badly, and although still functional, the fabric has become rough against my skin.

Compared to the brand of disposable pads I used prior, I would never go back…. No irritation and excellent absorbency!

So I set to to make some nice new towels for me for a change (haha – it was the same story with the COVID-19 masks – I have made nearly 100 for others… and still have not finished my own!).

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My Blog made the Local Northwich Guardian!

So happy to see Claire’s (Zero Waste Lockdown Survival Hamper winner) happy face in the paper today! Click on the image below to read the article!

Claire Zero Waste Survival Hamper Winner
Claire – Zero Waste Survival Hamper Winner
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Cocoa Loco Chocolates

Cocoa Loco Dark Chocolate Ginger

Chocolate is one of the world’s favourite foods (it’s definitely mine!), so I was absolutely delighted when my friend, Sarah, treated me to some Cocoa Loco Dark Chocolate Ginger (OMG LOVE ginger!) from Weigh of the World a few weeks back!

That was it…. I was hooked! Since then I have continued to treat myself to these when I have been into Weigh of the World…. and then the Dark Chocolate Mango…. mmmmm REALLY love this chocolate!

There’s something to suit everyone with white chocolate, milk and dark options – the dark ones are suitable for vegans. Weigh of the World have also got a number of other flavours, including Chilli, Raspberry…. and bars!

Cocoa Loco Organic Chocolate Bars
Abda's Coffee Shop Chester Cycle Tours Crafty Stitches Dante's Boutique Ginger & Brown's Innoscent Spa Lavandi Northwich The Car Free Guide Weigh of the World Zero Waste

Winner of the Zero Waste Lockdown Survival Hamper

Claire - Winner of the Zero Waste Lockdown Hamper

I am delighted to announce the happy winner of the Zero Waste Lockdown Hamper competition: Claire!

The Hamper was delivered by Gary from The Car Free Guide today, and Claire was so happy to receive it! And what wonderful weather for delivery by bike and a photo!

I just met Gary and took delivery of this beautiful hamper. I’m absolutely over the moon, it’s just the most lovely thing ever! Thank you so much for organising it all and I truly feel so blessed to have been lucky enough to have won it!

Congratulations Claire! We look forward to hearing about your journey to Zero Waste living, and what you think of the products – ENJOY! (and do let us know when you do the cycle tour of Chester!)

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GIVEAWAY! Zero Waste Lockdown Survival Hamper

In order to promote LOCAL(Northwich) businesses, we have joined together to offer you this amazing Zero Waste Lockdown Survival Hamper worth well over £100 !

Hamper Contents:

Information on how to enter the draw to win this fabulous Survival Hamper can be found at the bottom of this post.

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Is the ‘Tiny Home’ movement finally catching on in Britain?

Guest Blog Post by David Blackhurst

For those who don’t know what it’s all about… There is a global trend which is growing in popularity around the world. The UK is now catching up! The basic premise is around minimalism, what do you actually ‘need’ to live and be comfortable?

When you start to strip away the shiny baubles, what we actually need/use on a regular basis surprises most people. I lived on a narrowboat for three years, but soon had to adapt to the ‘limited space’. At first I had things in storage, but over time I came to realise that (after six months) I hadn’t actually needed anything which was in the storage unit I was paying for.

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Keep the High Street Shops ALIVE… help them THRIVE!

In November 2019, Eco Store, Weigh of the World, in Northwich opened – THIS was a game changer for me! Local, and a brilliant concept! (you can read my blog post here). In addition to buying my fresh fruit & vegetables from John Griffiths’ Green Grocers in Northwich, between the two of these shops, I found that I had 99% of what I needed!

However, many small, independent shops, both in Northwich and elsewhere, are experiencing a massive decrease in sales, despite remaining open during the lockdown – people are doing their main shops in supermarkets.

Before your supermarket shop, visit your local, small businesses first! Then only go to the supermarket if there is anything which you are unable to obtain!

It is more important than ever that we support our local businesses – especially through this time of crisis! Furthermore, buying locally reduces food miles, helps alleviate our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce air pollution and cuts back on greenhouse gas emissions.

With that in mind, I have collated a list of independent shops in NORTHWICH who are still open and operating, and what shopping options are available.

Independent Northwich Shops Open/Online during Lockdown:

(Please feel free to email me if any small business is missing – I am writing this on the fly!)

To help promote local (Eco/Zero Waste) businesses, I will be running a competition during then next couple of weeks – a lot of local companies have contributed items and I am in the process of putting together the COVID-19 Survival Prize Basket! Watch this space!

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COVID-19: Staying Home, Staying Safe and keeping up with your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Part 6

Keeping safe within your home

The Government guidelines on all aspects of reducing the spread of COVID-19 are clear. The symptoms to look out for, and guidance for managing them, are regularly updated on the NHS or WHO websites.

In addition to my previous posts about wearing a mask, creating different zones in your household, washing hands and using hand sanitiser, etc. in order to reduce the spread of this awful disease and protect your household, family, friends and the public, there is an overview of other things you can keep in mind (what myself and my carer do), for your convenience below.