Northwich’s new Eco Store “Weigh of the World”

I had waited with great anticipation for our new Eco Store, Weigh of the World, in Northwich to open – THIS is a game changer for me! Local, and brilliant!

Weigh of the World is an independent business in Northwich, Cheshire. They are a zero waste shop – this means that they provide customers with the ability to refill food and cleaning products into their own containers, buying as little or as much as they want and reducing packaging. They also sell toiletries and other everyday items that can be reused, helping people move away from single-use, throwaway items. Most important to me, is there commitment to be there for people who have dramatically changed their lifestyles towards zero waste, but more so that they are there for the people who just want to make small changes. Everyone has their own path!

I hovered outside the door until opening time (see below), and even got caught on their opening video as their first customer!

Needless to say, I did not leave empty handed!

How it works: Take your own containers, weigh them, add items (e.g. Pasta, Flour, Herbs, Spices, Dried Fruit….) then pay by weight (with the weight of your container deducted)! They have a small stash of containers for those (like me) who end up buying more than anticipated, and additionally a range of fabric bags (featured above) which can be purchased for future use!

The shop is beautiful and offers a great range of products which will be growing according to feedback from customers and their needs – this is a great philosophy!

Address & Contact Details

Weigh of the World
90 Witton Street



Opening Hours

Monday 9:30am–5pm
Tuesday 9:30am–5pm

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