Product Review: Coconutty Soapnut Shampoo Bar

After decades of my sensitive skin reacting badly to any soap products, having dry hair (requiring twice as much conditioner as shampoo) I was particularly nervous about finding a more ecological alternative…. especially as I feared that this would dry my hair further.

The Coconutty Soapnut Shampoo Bar from Living Naturally was the first Bar Shampoo that I have ever tried. This particular soap is advertised as being great for “Nourishing & Moisturising. Suitable for all hair/skin types, especially for dry or lack luster hair/skin or inflamed sore skin” with the added appeal of being:

  • SLS Free
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Organic

I particularly liked that there was the option to choose what packaging you received for this products:

  • Shampoo in a Cotton Bag
  • Shampoo in a Paper Bag
  • 5 Bars (Bulk) – No Packaging

With no price difference between the first two options, and seeing as this was my first purchase, I went for the Cotton Bag – so many uses for this later!

I would be lying if I said the switch was an easy one (hence the delay in this post being uploaded). For the first 1-2 weeks I was seriously unimpressed – but I researched further, sought advice and further information… After a few weeks, my hair is thicker, easier to manage and not dry at all – in fact I am only using bar-conditioner once a WEEK now – more like a ‘treatment’ than a necessity!


An Adjustment Period is NORMAL

There is no doubt about it, but my hair felt WEIRD – for me, it felt slightly “waxy” for the first couple of weeks!

The period of adjustment can range from a few days/weeks to even a month for some people. It depends on how damaged your hair is, how much residue and build-up is present and this also, in part, is dependent on your genetics.

People can experience a dry or oily scalp (sometimes both in succession), notice an increase in tangles and/or frizzy hair or (like me) a weird, waxy feel to the hair.

These experiences are the result of the addiction our hair has developed to chemical-laden shampoo – it is going through a withdrawal period and learning to live a chemical-free life. Its not easy, and (in my case) it did NOT look great!

BUT it is worth it (I promise!). Just don’t commence transitioning to bar soap within a month of a special occasion!


  • Rinse, rinse and rinse again – this ensures that the soap residue is removed thoroughly from your hair.
  • Use less – it is tempting, at first, the rub the soap bar directly onto your hair. I recommend making a lather in your hands first and applying from there.
  • Some people recommend using an apple cider vinegar or baking soda rinse – there are many recipes for these online (and as I received this tip after my adjustment period) I have not tried any I could recommend.
  • Try another shampoo bar! Everyone of us has a different hair-type – and this may even change as we ween our hair off “conventional” shampoos. Many sellers offer sets of samples to start with!